Q&A with Barbell Babes!

Q & A with Barbell Babes Founder, Tiffany Kay Tam

City Founded: Rockville, MD

My daughter, Olivia, surprised me on Valentine’s Day with the best gift. A tank top from Barbell Babes! I was first introduced to Barbell Babes while at Humble Beast Crossfit. Its mission captivated me, and I was fortunate enough to ask founder, Tiffany Kay Tam, a few questions!


ABFJ: What is your fitness background?

Tiffany: I’ve been active all my life, growing up doing ballet for a decade, cheerleading and going to the gym in my spare time.

ABFJ: When did you first get into lifting?

Tiffany: I started CrossFit in 2012, but always knew I wanted to do Olympic weightlifting instead. I stuck with CrossFit for two years until I decided to quit and pursue Olympic weightlifting in April 2014.


ABFJ: When did you start Barbell Babes?

Tiffany: Barbell Babes was born on February 18th, 2014

ABFJ: What inspired you to create Barbell Babes?

Tiffany: The idea came to me while following different fitness inspirational groups. I found that they were only posting photos of “really ripped” women and realized there was a lack of diversity in inspiration across the web. Although a “ripped” body type is definitely achievable, those were unrealistic expectations not only for myself, but also perhaps for many women out there. I believe that we as women should celebrate our lifting accomplishments no matter how we look. I decided to create a movement and community to support this mission.

ABFJ: Where do you currently lift?

Tiffany: I lift with Humble Beast Barbell Club at Humble Beast CrossFit.


ABFJ: What is your greatest accomplishment as a lifter?

Tiffany: The philosophy behind Humble Beast CrossFit is a constant reminder to remain humble when given an opportunity to be prideful. A humble BEAST has no need to brag. Coming from a CrossFit background, I used to be very boastful and “loud” about my accomplishments. After being humbled with a new environment, every day I get to lift is an accomplishment in itself. I’m proud of everything I’ve done regarding my lifts, nutrition and mental state. I’m most proud of my teammates who are like family to me and have been there every step of the way.

ABFJ: What defines a “Barbell Babe?”

Tiffany: A Barbell Babe is strong and passionate woman who lifts heavy! She also strives to empower and inspire others.


ABFJ: How does someone go about becoming a Barbell Babe?

Tiffany: We do not choose who becomes a Barbell Babe. That is for one to decide.

ABFJ: What advice do you have to women out there who want to, but are struggling to get active or find their fitness niche?

Tiffany: Find what works for you. You don’t have to go mainstream to adapt a healthy lifestyle. A program that is successful for one woman may never work for another. Most of all, enjoy and love what you do!


ABFJ: You already have an amazing following, what are your future goals for Barbell Babes?

Tiffany: We have been so blessed in our first year to have such amazing support from women and men all over the world. We plan to keep growing this community and supporting our babes! We recently launched our Buff Babes Nutrition & Training programs, so we’re really excited to see that grow as well.

What a babe! Tiffany, thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions and Happy 1 year Anniversary! I am thankful to you and Barbell Babes for creating such a positive lifting platform for women around the world. Fitness should not be superficial, it’s about being the best YOU you can be. As a mom raising a potential Barbell Babe, it’s refreshing to know there are encouraging and healthy role models for her as she grows up. Please visit Barbell Babes at www.barbellbabes.com to read about their mission for heavy lifting and positive thinking!

Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram where they post real women’s stories of their struggles to success.






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